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Poem for my Grandma :*

I think of you everyday,

But I don`t know what to say.

I tried to pray...

But you coudn`t stay.

Now you are in heaven,

And I think back at the time I was seven.

You looked deep in my eyes,

Wished me a guy who is pretty and nice.

Please listen to me now,

Cuz I wish you would know.

I want to talk to you again,

I want to tell you my future plan.

Show you how my life turns on,

How many colours it has won.

I know that this is what you wished for me,

So I`m little depressed that you couldn`t see.

So take me up for just one night,

And I promise you -for my life- I`ll fight.

I`m interested in what you feel,

So I would even make -with the devil- a deal.


October 2012

1.9.13 15:50

Hello :)

Hy, so my name here is changes stay away... this name might be a little dark but  it fits to my life.

But may that will change in the next time, because i will move from my home city in my one flat   I just hope that this will change everything...

At the moment I`m still live at my parents home  and things are not going well... I always hoped for changes and now I`m afraid of all this...

what is if everything goes wrong and I`m still this plain jane.....

10.7.13 14:57

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