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July 2013

I`ve got a lack of energy, so i can`t see.. What is important to do, I just don`t have a clue.   I try to be strong, I want to move on. B... weiterlesen
8.9.13 12:30

The question "why?"

The question "why?" is simple to say, But for the most answers there isn`t a perfect way. It`s most complicated, and I hate it. It`s a... weiterlesen
4.9.13 15:58

Like a crime

Instead angry I get sad, and this fact is making me mad, I hope that this will not be my dead. I`m starring in the wide darkness, and feeling inv... weiterlesen
2.9.13 16:13

Poem for my Grandma :*

I think of you everyday, But I don`t know what to say. I tried to pray... But you coudn`t stay. Now you are in heaven, And I think back at th... weiterlesen
1.9.13 15:50

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